Tree Surgeon Hereford

Tree Surgeon Hereford

Formative Pruning

The best way to create structurally sound, healthy trees is to monitor their growth and make small adjustments while the tree is still young and vigorous. In this way, with very small amount of cost and effort, beautiful, well -structured, vigorous and healthy trees can be grown and enjoyed for many years to come.

At Ecotech we can advise on the best formative pruning options, when to prune, and of course carry out the work for you.

Fruit tree pruning-Fruit tree pruning is a specialist area of tree care that we enjoy very much. From pruning young trees on order that they produce to renovating and rejuvenating mature overgrown specimens, we can advise and provide a service from start to finish.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is removing the lowest branches from the canopy in order to ‘lift ‘ the crown. It is often done when the lower branches are coming into contact with buildings, or obstructing vehicles and access. Sometimes crown lifting needs to be carried out to improve a view or to let a bit more light through to the ground below, whatever the reason we can advise and undertake the work for you, our experienced staff have all the necessary experience, skills, equipment and training to undertake all operations efficiently and safely.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves selectively removing branches within the tree canopy to allow more light and air to circulate thus minimising infection and maintaining a healthy crown. The aim is to leave a balanced, well-spaced, open branch structure. This operation often requires follow-up work as many trees respond by throwing out more shoots from their stem and branches to compensate for the loss in leaf area.

Crown reduction

Trees grow quite normally without our interference, except for the occasional storm tearing a branch out or infection from fungi. However, when we put pressure on trees by altering their surroundings and environment we can find that our trees needs and our environmental needs come into conflict. Sometimes a tree will have outgrown the space in which it finds itself; sometimes we decide to build next to where a tree is growing. Whatever the reason, sometimes a tree must be bought back within the boundaries and the usual way to do this is by crown reduction.

Crown Reduction involves the removal of a uniform specified amount from the extremities of the trees entire crown -while retaining the main framework of the crown. The amount to be removed should not normally exceed 30% of the area of the entire crown, apart from in exceptional circumstances such as where the only remaining option is to fell the tree. At ecotech our staff can safely carry out such operations, using careful dismantling and lowering techniques where appropriate and ensuring the end result is healthy, structurally safe tree that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Tree felling

When trees have reached the end of their useful life or where they have become diseased or dangerous, they may need to be felled. Our skilled operators can fell and remove trees safely and efficiently, from individual specimens to whole areas.

Dangerous tree dismantling/felling

We are often called upon to remove large trees that have become dangerous through disease and decay. More often than not these trees are growing in awkward positions; close to roads, buildings on slopes etc. Our skilled operators can safely dismantle such trees in small sections that can be lowered to the ground-using specialist rigging equipment.


Is an ancient practice that can prolong a trees life especially where nearby environmental pressures would otherwise mean the tree may be felled. Pollarding is usually started when a tree is young. The branches are cut back leaving a structure from which new growth will form. The tree is then re-pollarded on a cycle of a number of years to around the same pollard points, thus maintaining the tree a certain size. Pollarding can prevent a tree from outgrowing its location and thus prevent it from being felled prematurely.


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