Other Services

Chipping service

Have you done some pruning yourself? We can provide a wood chipper and operator on an hourly basis- turn large volumes of brash into small piles of woodchip.

Chips can be allowed to decompose for several weeks before using as a mulch or a soil improver, or can be used immediately for footpaths and boarders. We also sell woodchips by the truckload – call for more information.

Hedge trimming/hedge reduction

We provide a hedge trimming service to customers both commercial and domestic. From small bushes to large boundary hedges, we can trim and maintain them to a high standard. Many of the hedges we trim are repeat yearly customers.

Stump grinding

Whilst we do encourage retaining stumps as habitat where possible, it is often desirable to remove old stumps in order to use the space for other purposes. Rather than killing a stump with poison, as we are often asked to do, we prefer to grind out stumps and prevent trees from re-growing, or in order to make space for re-planting. It is also sometimes desirable to grind a stump in order to remove a host site for fungi, for example Armillaria sp.- Honey Fungus. We operate narrow access machines so we can get to difficult stumps, and larger more powerful ones to complete larger stumps more efficiently and at low cost.

Mobile Chainsaw milling

Felled trees can be milled on site using our range of chainsaw mills. We can saw your trees into valuable timber that can then be used in construction or joinery projects.

Log splitting service/firewood logs

Felled a tree? Need it split into firewood? We provide a mobile log splitting service using our petrol powered log splitter we can quickly and efficiently turn trees into usable firewood. We also sell unseasoned and seasoned firewood.